Vibratory plate compactor for CASE backhoes

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Achieve all heavy-duty compaction operations with the help of our superior vibratory plate compactors for CASE backhoes.

Whether you work on the family farm, on a construction site, or repairing roads, operating a CASE backhoe requires precision and dexterity. When working on slopes, trenches, and building foundations, a GenPac vibratory plate compactor is the best ally you can get: it will efficiently compact all granular and cohesive soils. Also, vibrating plate compactors provide a fast and affordable way to drive aluminum, steel, and wood sheeting, I and H-beams, pilings, and posts into the ground. Vibratory plate compactors for CASE backhoes are made to deliver maximal vibratory force; it combines a maximum eccentric weight with exact proportions of vibration and amplitude frequency needed to form an effective centrifugal force. Gentec Equipment’s vibrating plate compactors have a frequency from 2,000 cpm to 2,200 cpm. Finally, they are simple to install, with heavy rubber isolators to make sure that the vibration cannot reach the carrier boom.

Gentec Equipment has been a vibratory plate compactor manufacturer since 2000. Our company specializes in the construction, distribution, sale, and service of machinery attachment and support equipment for civil engineering, landscaping, construction, agriculture, and forestry sectors everywhere in Canada and the United States. Our inventory regroups a variety of sizes (19” to 29” width and 24” to 40” length) of vibratory plate compactors.

Our vibratory plate compactor can be installed on the majority of CASE backhoes.

  • CASE 580 Super M Series III
  • CASE 580 Super M+ Series III
  • CASE 580 Super M+
  • CASE 580 Super M
  • CASE 580 Super N WT
  • CASE 580 Super N
  • CASE 580M Series III
  • CASE 580M
  • CASE 580N
  • CASE 590 Super M Series III
  • CASE 590 Super M+ Series III
  • CASE 590 Super M
  • CASE 590 Super N
  • CASE 80E
  • CASE 680H
  • CASE 695 4x4x4
  • CASE 695 Super R



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