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Check out our selection of thumb attachments for excavators to help you accomplish all material handling and excavating jobs better and faster.

Maximize the capability of your heavy machinery by adding a thumb to your excavator.  A thumb attachment for excavators makes it a lot easier for the bucket to pick, hold and move bulky materials like trunks, rocks, branches and debris and place them precisely, without wasting any time. A hydraulic excavator thumb provides you with an even pressure throughout the whole cylinder range. The majority of our thumbs for excavators can reach a 130-degree rotation, which makes it simple for the excavator and bucket to move in tighter spaces. Our thumb attachments have 2 to 4 fingers made with the sturdiest high-strength steel plates, along with serrated edges. Finally, they are fully gusseted for exceptional strength.


Why choose Gentec Equipment’s thumbs attachment for excavators?

We specialize in the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and service of attachment and support equipment for the civil engineering, construction, mining, and forestry areas everywhere in Canada and the United States. Our inventory regroups multiple sizes of thumb attachments for excavators (8” to 32” width and 24” to 72” length). We also carry vibratory plate compactors, grapples, asphalt cutters, and rakes, which are all made to fit on any popular heavy machinery brands (Daewoo, Fiat-Hitachi, John Deere, Case, Bell, etc.)

  • All thumb attachments are made in the United States
  • Shipment support for all customers
  • Buy online and get free, fast shipping everywhere in the United States and Canada
  • Ground shipping through common ground carriers (UPS, FEDEX), items delivered in 3-5 business days; large items over 150 lbs shipped by freight line (1 week).
  • Excavating attachment made with high-strength steel
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Durable and compact design resulting in efficient operation
  • Made to improve work efficiency and productivity
  • Competitive prices



Do you have further questions regarding our thumbs for excavator? Are you searching for a specific model of excavating thumb? All you have to do is contact us. Our professional team will provide you with all the information you need within the best possible delays.

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