Buying Guide – Hydraulic Plate Compactor

Hydraulic Plate Compactor : Strength and Versatility

Hydraulic plate compactors are designed to mount on other equipment such as excavator and backhoe machinery. They provide a superior compaction force to create a smooth surface. They are tremendously useful for many construction projects like prepping a site prior to layong pavers or stone, tamping earth to the proper density for pouring concrete, finishing fresh asphalt, compacting potholes and blacktop patch areas and so one.

Gentec Equipment provides you with this mini-buying guide for hydraulic plate compactors and its accessories in order for you to find the perfect hydraulic plate compactor you need for the job. Check out our Hydraulic Plate Compactor page for more products and accessories.

Hydraulic Plate Compactor: What it is for

An hydraulic plate compactor can be fixed to any type of machinery and will ensure an utmost productivity. Its solid rubber insulators are used to achieve shock dampening for return vibration. Most of hydraulic plate compactors have an auto-lub system that consists of an oil bath around the shaft to ensure continous lubrication, that reduces the labor time for manually greasing the shaft. Hydraulic plate compactors can be used for a variety of jobs like compacting waste, trench, slope compaction, road repair and much more.

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