Thumb for Bobcat compact excavators

Gentec Equipment

Execute all material handling and excavating jobs faster and better with the help of our superior thumbs for old and new Bobcat compact excavators.

You will undoubtedly maximize the capability, flexibility and productivity of your Bobcat compact excavators with one of the most durable thumbs available on the market. Thumbs for Bobcat compact excavators will significantly simplify picking, holding and moving bulky materials like trunks, debris, rocks, pipes, and concrete. When attached to a bucket, a hydraulic thumb releases a steady pressure throughout the entire cylinder range. When the thumb reaches its maximal 130-degree rotation, it will become easier to work in space-constrained jobsites, such as next to buildings or other obstacles. Gentec Equipment’s thumb attachments have two to four fingers built with solid high-strength steel plates, along with serrated edges, and each thumb is fully gusseted for exceptional strength.

Gentec Equipment has been a thumb manufacturer for over 15 years. Our company specializes in the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and service of attachments and support equipment for the civil engineering, landscaping, construction, agriculture, and forestry sectors everywhere in Canada and United States.

Easy to install, our thumbs are made to fit on most Bobcat compact excavators.

  • Bobcat 316
  • Bobcat 320
  • Bobcat 320L
  • Bobcat 322
  • Bobcat 323
  • Bobcat 325
  • Bobcat 328
  • Bobcat 329
  • Bobcat 331 Long Arm
  • Bobcat 331
  • Bobcat 331E
  • Bobcat 334
  • Bobcat 335
  • Bobcat 425
  • Bobcat 430 Long Arm
  • Bobcat 430 Standard
  • Bobcat 418
  • Bobcat E20
  • Bobcat E26
  • Bobcat E32I
  • Bobcat E32
  • Bobcat E35i
  • Bobcat E35
  • Bobcat E42
  • Bobcat E45
  • Bobcat E50
  • Bobcat E55
  • Bobcat E63
  • Bobcat E85


Do you have further questions about our thumbs for Bobcat compact excavators? Have you been searching for a specific model or size of thumb attachment? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our professional team is always there to help you find all the information you need.

Gentec Equipment

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