Thumb for Bobcat backhoes

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Handle all excavating and material handling jobs faster and better by using our exceptional thumbs for Bobcat backhoes.

By adding one of our thumbs to your Bobcat backhoe, you give it this extra edge that will help you work better. A thumb will simplify the tasks of picking, grasping, holding, and moving cumbersome materials like concrete, rocks, debris, and trunks. A excavating clamp helps you get a steady pressure throughout the whole cylinder range. With the thumbs’ 130-degree rotation, it will be easier for the backhoe to operate in tighter spaces. Our excavator thumbs have 2 to 4 fingers made with resistant high-strength steel plates, along with serrated edges. Each thumb is fully gusseted for improved strength. Our inventory includes multiple sizes of thumbs (8” to 32” width and 24” to 72” length).

Gentec Equipment has been a thumb manufacturer for over fifteen years. We specialize in the construction, distribution, sale and service of support equipment and machinery attachment for landscaping, construction, civil engineering, agriculture, and forestry sectors all across Canada and the United States. lture, and forestry sectors all across the United States and Canada.

Easy to install, our thumbs fit on most models of old and new Bobcat backhoes.

  • Bobcat B100
  • Bobcat B250
  • Bobcat B300
  • Bobcat M06
  • Bobcat 7BH
  • Bobcat 9BH
  • Bobcat 8811


Do you have further questions about our thumbs for Bobcat backhoes? Have you been looking for a particular size or model of thumb attachment? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our professional team will provide you with all the information you need within the best delays.

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