Hydraulic Thumb for CAT/Caterpillar backhoes

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Accomplish all material handling and excavating jobs better and faster with our outstanding thumbs for CAT/Caterpillar backhoes.

Whether you are working on a construction site, on a roadside or for a large-scale landscaping business, operating a CAT backhoe demandes dexterity and precision. When attached to a bucket, not only does it become easier to maneuver, it enhances your handling capacity. Hydraulic thumbs for backhoes will simplify picking, grasping, holding, and moving cumbersome materials like concrete, rocks, debris, and trunks, and placing them precisely. A hydraulic thumb provides an steady pressure throughout the whole cylinder range. Gentec Equipment’s thumbs can reach a 130-degree rotation, which makes it easier for the backhoe to operate in tighter spaces. Our excavator thumbs have 2 to 4 fingers made with guaranteed high-strength steel plates, along with serrated edges. Each thumb is fully gusseted for improved strength. Our inventory includes multiple sizes of hydraulic thumbs (8” to 32” width and 24” to 72” length).

Gentec Equipment’s excavating thumbs’ components and features can easily be compared to CAT’s thumbs (at the fraction of the price)

  • CAT Pro Series Hydraulic Thumb 4-tooth
  • CAT Pro Series Hydraulic Thumb 3-tooth
  • CAT Pro Series Hydraulic Thumb 3-tooth Center Lock

Gentec Equipment has been a hydraulic thumb manufacturer and distributor since 2000. We specialize in the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and service of attachments and support equipment for the civil engineering, landscaping, construction and forestry areas everywhere in Canada and the United States.

Easy to install, our hydraulic thumbs can fit on all CAT/Caterpillar backhoe loaders.

  • CAT 416 Series II
  • CAT 416C
  • CAT 416D
  • CAT 416E
  • CAT 416F
  • CAT 420D IT
  • CAT 420D
  • CAT 420E
  • CAT 420EIT
  • CAT 422E
  • CAT 444E
  • CAT 450E
  • CAT 424D
  • CAT 426 Series II
  • CAT 426C
  • CAT 428 Series II
  • CAT 428C
  • CAT 428D
  • CAT 428E
  • CAT 432D
  • CAT 432E
  • CAT 434E
  • CAT 430D IT
  • CAT 430D
  • CAT 430E
  • CAT 446
  • CAT 436 Series II
  • CAT 436C
  • CAT 438 Series II
  • CAT 438C
  • CAT 438D
  • CAT 442D
  • CAT 442E
  • CAT 446B


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